Media Kit

Media Kit

Covid-19 Survivor and Social Worker, Larissa Malcolm, was born and raised on the Near West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. She has been a social worker since 1997. In May 2020, Larissa contracted Covid-19 in the course of her work as a therapist in a long-term care facility. She experienced panic, shame, and guilt during her recovery and while in isolation didn’t want anyone to know she was infected with the virus.

Since recuperating, she founded Flourishing Focus a private practice providing therapy online in the state of Ohio and is creating virtual trainings for mental health providers to earn Continuing Education Units while learning about the mental health impact of Covid-19. Larissa has a mission to help other survivors by advocating for affordable, accessible mental health care. She wants others impacted by Covid-19 to avoid feeling stigmatized and alone. Larissa holds a Master in Social Science Administration and a Master in Positive Organization Development & Change, both from Case Western Reserve University.

To support others impacted by Covid-19, Larissa donates plasma and helps moderate a Covid-19 support group on Facebook. When she’s not doing the stuff mentioned above, Larissa loves cuddling with her dogs, Ace & Deuce, while reading historical fiction. As a native Clevelander, you can find her sitting by Lake Erie listening to the waves crash on really stressful days.

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